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Is it fate, or just coincidence?

The most attractive boy she had ever seen, spotted across the hostel dining room on a teen tour in Israel. The worldly and captivating Israeli man she met while working at a sleepaway camp in Connecticut. The dark-haired mysterious stranger who played guitar in the hallway of her New York University dorm. Each a chance encounter during formative moments in Jessica Shorstein’s life who all somehow wove their way back into her future.

Embark with Jessica in this alternatingly humorous and poignant memoir against the backdrops of Israel, New York City, and Washington, DC. Travel along as she rides the highs and lows of young love, navigates missed chances and inopportune timing, and ultimately embraces closure, all while coming of age in the time of AOL Instant Messenger when cell phones were not yet ubiquitous.

And Again, It’s You is a cozy, ever-relatable, and nostalgic journey to find meaning in unexpected reconnections with faces from the past that will resonate with all who have experienced the confusion and existential uncertainty inherent to being single in your twenties and wondering if you’ll ever find “the one.”


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Jessica Shorstein is from Northeast Pennsylvania (where Old Forge pizza played a strong role in her upbringing) and is a graduate of New York University and the American University Washington College of Law. While Israel, New York City, and Washington, DC will forever be a part of her DNA, Jessica now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, three children, and their lab mix. And Again, It’s You is her first book.